Thursday, June 07, 2007

I made a trip to the dog park today and met a lot of new friends. I even got to see another dog that looks exactly like me, her name was Moxie. She was a real looker that one. Too bad Daddy didn't bring the camera! It was the first time in a few weeks that I got to spend some time with Mommy and Daddy together because it's been so hectic. Hopefully with the nicer weather, they'll take me back to the dog park again in a few days! Arf Arf!!

Oh, btw, I didn't get shaved....the groomer that Mommy took me to never realized that I was a pug dog said she won't shave a pug. we got a second opinion at PetSmart and the head groomer there has pugs and said that she's against shaving pugs....Hmmmm. So I might not get shaved at all. I know my friends Porky and Brownie gets shaved but I don't know why no one wants to shave a pug here in Canada.....O well..I'd miss my hair too much anyways. Mommy has been brushing me everyday and I like how it feels so I'm ok with that.

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