Monday, September 29, 2003

Mommy and I went to PetSmart today to get some more doggie treats. I marked in the store, which made mommy worried that I'd mark at home too but I didn't....yet.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

I went to a walkathon today. I walked for the Windsor Essex County Humane Society and raised $75. I even walked the whole way!!! My paws were sore but I made it. Mommy and daddy was so happy that I actually did it because I don't like to go for walks and everytime mommy or daddy takes me around the block in the neighborhood, I bark at everyone. I can't help it, I just want to say hi but everyone just runs away or ignores me. Mommy says that I'm too excited when I see people.

This is Winston, he has allergies with his skins so he's wearing a shirt, it's very stylish too.

Here's a baby bulldog called Winith the Pooh. She's a cutie.

Friday, September 05, 2003

I got stung by a bee while I was in daddy's yard today. Everyone was so worried because a big lump was growing on my eyelid. I guess that lil' bee got me there. I really wanted to rub it but daddy didn't let me. I was taken to that wonderful place I dread going called the vet.

I had to wait for 45 minutes to see if I had an allergic reaction, nothing happened except my bump kept getting bigger by the minute. The doctor finally took me in, but it wasn't Dr. Fuerth, it was a lady and she wasn't too concerned but gave me a shot of dexamethasone anyway. She also weighed me and called me a big monster....I didn't know what that meant because I wasn't barking at her, I was really scared. My mommy told me that it was a nice way of saying I was a big boy, I'm now 16 lbs and I'm only 4 months and still growing.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I pee peed on the living room carpet today. I was too excited when mommy and daddy got home that I couldn't control it......and I've been so good. Mommy and daddy was surprised but it didn't seem to bother them because I went #2 in the litter box a few hours later. = )

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I am no longer peeing like a girl. I actually lifted my leg up today...which was a very weird feeling....yikes!

Monday, September 01, 2003

Well, my vacation seemed very long. I didn't get to do much because I'm a dog, mommy and daddy left me home in my travel crate for most of the time. Mommy feels bad for leaving me but there's not much to do when you're a dog. I did get to visit their PetSmart.

I was in the crate for most of the time because I was too hyper around my mommy's little cousins and scaring them. I really wanted to play with them but most didn't want to play with me because they're afraid of being biten and my barking. But I don' t bite that hard do I? My daddy calls it puppy nipping because I'm teething. I don't mean any harm. I bark because I'm calling out to play. Being a dog isn't fun sometimes.

I did go on Grandpa's boat and I loved it! I was such a good boy and didn't even get sea sick. I had on my life jacket and I was the talk of the bay! hehe.