Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You move, you lose sis. My sister wasn't on her little chair today so I thought I'd take a little nap in it.


Anonymous said...

hello - i follow your blog because i just think mylo is just the handsomest! i do have a question re: your daughter's couch...where did you get it from? i want something similar for my 19 mos old daughter.

chat (from minneapolis, MN)

Nia said...

hi chat!
thanks for reading mylo's blog.
the couch is from toys r us, it's about $40. It's real handy, it folds down and converts into a mini sofa bed. as you can see, mylo loves it as much as my daughter does.

Anonymous said...

hi again - too funny! i might have to pay toys r us a visit this weekend. it's the opposite in my house. my daughter often kicks my boys out of their beds. i caught her taking a nap in one of them. i have two pugs - a black and a fawn. they are my babes before my daughter.

thanks for the info and have a great weekend!