Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wishing all my pug friends and everyone else that reads my blog a safe and happy howl-ween! Arf Arf!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mylo, Kallie and Nia,

I love following your blog and have been following it for so long now from a number of different continents. Your blog has been such a tremendous source of joy and happiness for myself and those nearest and dearest to me. :) We are always excited to see what Mylo's fabulous wardrobe is going to produce next! :)

Nia - do you have an email or "throw-away/junk" email address that I can contact you on. I really wanted to ask you a few questions about the legendary Mylo as well the great pug breed in general? Your insight would be really valued and sincerely appreciated.

Keep up the great blog - I can't wait for more updates.

Your loyal fan in Boston.


Wade said...

Ps I have created a "throw-away/junk" email address if you would rather not publish your email online. The address is wadepugs at gmail dot com.

I really hope to hear from you soon.