Monday, December 15, 2008

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas around here.

how do i look?
my sister is a little slow at understanding pug language

we didn't do it.

modelling is hard work isn't it kallie?

i'm going to take a nap. keep yourself busy kallie.


Olive the Pug said...

Hey guys, just saw your comment... I guess it's easy, you just wipe te hair off. It's deep red though, so the pug hair really stands out. I actually prefer our microsuede couch at home, maybe because its the same color as Olive though.
OK, now I have a question for you... I'm pregnant! And I'm sure Olive will love her new little sibling, but I wondered how Mylo was with Kallie at first? I don't think she'll be jealous, but who knows. I hope she grows to be a bit protective of the baby. How did it go with you guys?

nia said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Mylo adapted more better than I thought to his new sister. He was jealous but that was expected. He'd show his jealousy by being needy but he would never show anger or hostility towards Kallie. He was more scared of her than anything, not wanting to go near. I'm sure Olive will do just fine. It takes time but as long as you give Olive attention when the baby is napping, it will be ok. Best of luck to you and your family! It's so exciting to add a new addition to the family. Keep us posted on Olive's blog!

cg said...

So beautiful!! My pug also loves Christmas (specially the presents!!!)