Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I injured myself over the weekend. I was coming up the stairs and stubbed my toe nail on the edge of the steps. My nail cracked and dug into the skin of my paw, it was painful. Everytime I walked, the cracked nail made me bleed more. Mommy and Daddy panicked because at first they didn't know where all the blood was coming from. I kept bleeding and bleeding so I had to be taken to the vet.
The vet checked my bones to make sure I didn't break anything and wrapped me up in this horrible and uncomfortable bandage. Now I walk with a limp and since it's raining out, I have to wear a bag over my bandages so it doesn't get wet.

It's no fun being hurt.

I can't do much, I can't even go out for walks until I'm healed.
Mommy and Daddy tries to trick me when they feed me these antibiotics. They cover the pills with cheese to make me think I'm eating only cheese, but I know better than that. I only eat it because I want them to think they're smart. Arf Arf!


helen said...

Mylo - cutie pie - get well soon!

Pug and Bugg said...

Get well soon Mylo!

Oh and tell your humans to get you pill pockets!! I hate getting pills and even in PEANUT BUTTER I would lick up all the PB then spit out the pill. Pill pockets in beef flavor do the trick... Mommy could put TWO pills in one of them, and I wouldn't even NOTICE!!! Plus you can mold them around the pill, so you can rip one in half to use twice (since they're about $10 for a small bag.) Our vet has them, and they are also at some petstores! Good luck!

KAY said...

Get well soon!

Jeanne said...

Love and healing hugs sweet Mylo.

Love to you Nia and Princess K.

Nancy said...

Mylo you look so sad. I hope your foot gets better soon so you can go outside without the bag. That can be a pain.

Nancy Medina said...

Oh poor Mylo! We hope that licking those beaters made your little ouchie all better. You are so cute.
pug hugs from texas,
Howard Pee Pugpants, Java and Anniebelly Bossybritches

Oscar said...

Poor Mylo, wow. That doesn't sound like very much fun. I'm sorry it hurts when you walk. I hope your leg heals soon!

Tofu said...

Poor Mylo! Get well soon..