Friday, August 04, 2006

Don't worry, I'm still here. I've been around, had a visit to the vet yesterday. Turns out I have a yeast infection in my ear..YUCK! I hate it when Mommy puts that ointment in my ear, I'm going to find that tube and hide it on her one day...shhhh, don't tell her.

Mommy and Daddy have been busy busy busy with work and their married life, sorting out living arrangements and such. But don't fret, here is more pictures of me at the wedding! Enjoy! I'm so excited in this picture, don't know who to go to for treats..hmmmmmmmm.Thirsty, so thirsty. My uncle Hank is giving me water..slurp slurp. Uncle Hank giving me more water....slurrrrp.
Hey, lets go into the shade.

The boys.

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