Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm pretty yappy for a pug. I love to bark when I'm at home, Mommy and Daddy dislikes it when I do this because I look like a crazy dog going insane and my bark sounds like a big dog's bark. Daddy will have to record it for you guys to see and maybe someone can help my parents train me not to do this anymore. My favourite time to bark is at 3:30pm. That's when the big yellow school bus drops the kiddies off in front of the house. I bark when I see anyone walk by our house for that matter and when I'm outside on the lawn, I also bark at people passing by. My barks scare people and they think I'm a vicious dog but I'm not really. I only want to sniff them but people only want to run away from me because of my bad manners. I also bark at people when I'm the car as well, which drives Mommy up the wall. My bark sounds like a big dog bark like I said before but it's mixed with screeching whines in between the barks and Mommy has tried everything to stop this behaviour. The thing is I'm very well behaved when I'm at the dog parks, Petsmart and when I go for my walks, I don't bark at all.

Mommy has taken me to dog training classes but she has said that I've made a liar out of her because I'm always the most well behaved dog there, I know all my commands and have never let out a bark once in class, even when the other dogs were playing with me. Mommy has tried shaking pennies in a coke can, spraying water on me, and even purchased 2 types of bark control correction methods (above). Nothing is working so far. Can anyone help us out? Maybe Mommy can hire Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer)?

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