Thursday, March 09, 2006

I went to the vet today. Mommy and Daddy was worried about this 'pimple' by my lips. I on occassion would get a pimple on my face here and there, you know how the teenage years is, well, it got bigger and bigger every day so we went to the vet to check it out.
Upon finding out what the sore was, the vet said I have inflamed ears due to a yeast infection which was caused to a food allergy which meant I have to be put on a 'hypoallergenic elimination diet trial' (whatever that is but they better not take my milk bones away from me). And to top it off, the vet also said that 'I could lose a few pounds'. I don't mind people telling me that I was stinky from the yeast build up in my hears but to tell me I needed to lose a few dare she? Arf Arf. I guess she doesn't know what she's missing, more of me to hold right?
Sorry for the gross images. It turns out that the sore was from the rope toy I always chew on. Mommy ended up taking the rope away from me forever...BOO to her. I also got some ointment for my ear infection....what a day.


Anonymous said...

you are just too cute for words and i doubt you stink. i love that little pug stink

Jennie Walker said...

What did the sore end up being and how was it treated? How long did it take for it to go away? My pug has the same looking bump on his face